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Saving space since 2008

Like you, we care about every interior being beautiful and unique; creating a lasting impression.

So, when it comes to the frustration of compromising design to save space, we feel your pain.

We’ll help you create extra space in your interior, without holding your creativity back. With Enigma’s patented design, you can have the perfect pocket door solution, suited to the exact design required, with the confidence that you won’t have to deal with non-compliant specification, complex and poor installation and delays.


Evolving as an innovation of the Selo brand, Enigma’s core values align exactly with those of Selo.

Selo’s vision is to make your life easier by simplifying traditional building methods. It’s why it exists, the core reason for being.

With this in mind, Enigma is a result of looking for the best way to make space saving simpler for you, with no compromise on design.

Having grown resources with a new technical department we’ve given pocket doors a new identity, and strive to provide you the specialist service you require; hoping to inspire creative boundaries to be pushed in interior design, regardless of space limits.

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Working with leading organisations, including:


Team leaders

Headed-up by our group of Directors and Senior Management; each with specialist experience in the design and construction of contemporary architecture.

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Managing Director Hans Purdom
Team Member Portrait
Sales & Marketing Director Harry Purdom
Team Member Portrait
Projects Director Andrew Purdom
Team Member Portrait
Finance Director Kay Dix
Team Member Portrait
Technical Director Jeff Jones
Team Member Portrait
Operations Director Richard Peel
Team Member Portrait
Project Manager Tristan Newton
Team Member Portrait
Project Consultant Nathan Palmer
Sales Project Support Imogen Stubbs
Team Member Portrait
Senior Project Consultant Corron Devenish
Team Member Portrait
Senior Project Consultant Charlie Purdom
Team Member Portrait
Senior Client Development Manager Lewis Edwards
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Senior Project Consultant Laurie Ker
Enigma System

Everything you need to know…

We’ve collated a list of FAQs to help you understand the Enigma system and specify in confidence.

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