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Better by Design – Installation

Sliding pocket doors have made a huge comeback in the last 10-15 years but one of the biggest fears people have about them is that they are complicated to fit and therefore things can go wrong.

Enigma sliding pocket doors were designed with the biggest priority being SIMPLE to install.

Our founders, Hans, Andrew, and Harry have been in the construction industry from as soon as they could walk, and have spent many hours being frustrated on site trying to install a product that is badly designed making it difficult to install, so when confronted with this problem, they made it their mission to resolve.

Sliding pocket door systems by their very nature are more complicated to fit than a traditional hinged doorset because they have more parts and you are not just installing a doorset, you are installing part of the wall.

The Enigma sliding pocket door system has been designed to the same concept as a steel stud partition system with a head and base channel and vertical studs that simply slide into these and are fixed into place. 

Simply form the structural opening in your stud partition using the calculation provided.  The Enigma sliding pocket door system matches a standard partition head and base channel so no special studs are required. The head and base channels and side ‘studs’ are then cut to size to suit your opening. 

The Enigma system is made from aluminium making it very simple to cut down to size on site using a ‘chop saw’ that would already be on site meaning no special tools are required.

Then very simply the head and base channel fit to the head of the structural opening and the floor.  Slide the vertical ‘studs’ provided as part of the kit and these are then fixed into place and you have your pocket installed.  Simple as that.

The pocket can then be plaster boarded along with the rest of the wall, door fitted, finishing trims installed, and your install is complete!

To make it even simpler we can provide the Enigma sliding pocket door system pre-cut to the size you need, or even better we can pre-assemble it for you so it really is a fit and forget!