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Superior Sliding Pocket Doors

Architects and designers just love pocket doors!

In a small room where space really has to be maximised, a pocket door which slides seamlessly into the wall, leaving hallways and walls unfettered with swinging doors, is an ideal solution. When not in use, the door is entirely invisible.

The pocket door is modern, stylish and minimalist, but it has actually been used since Victorian times, when the double pocket door was used as a grand entrance to a library, dining room or sitting room.

This translates well into today’s open space living, where clever use of a pocket door provides flexible living space, allowing a room to be closed off or opened out into one larger space.

Four sliding pocket door innovations:

System Design

The whole point of a pocket door is that it is less intrusive than a conventional door, so there are a couple of important elements that should be taken into consideration when specifying a pocket door system. The pocket door must operate smoothly and consistently without hampering the user – therefore the sliding system must be well designed and durable.

Issues with pocket doors are less easy to fix than with conventional doors so it is doubly important to get this bit right. Quality hardware is paramount for a fluid, soft close, as opposed to a wobbly, squeaky rattle! The system must also be designed so that it is easy to install consistently, limiting performance issues which may arise from poor installation.

Design Versatility

When specifying a pocket door, choice and versatility is important in order to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality. An architect may want to choose between a visible trim for a traditional look, a concealed trim for a seamless clean finish or a shadow gap for a contemporary design-led aesthetic.

A good pocket door system should also have a range of additional options that enable rather than limit the designer. For example, being able to mount sockets on the walls – not all pocket doors allow for this – or being able to use a self-supporting head jamb where the head of the pocket door kit cannot be fixed directly to the ceiling or floor slab. Acoustic dampening options are also desirable for areas where noise levels may be a concern – for example, bedrooms or ensuite bathrooms.


A criticism of pocket doors in the past was that they were harder for the less physically able to operate. Not so if the pocket door comes with an automatic option. Selo’s Enigma Motus pocket door is powered by an electromagnetic propulsion system to silently open and close the door with zero or minimal handling of the door itself.


Where a large number of pocket doors are being used, pre-assembled pocket doors are ideal. Doors can be installed easily within minutes rather than hours – this saves not just on installation time but also on time spent dealing with remedial work.

preassembled system minimises risk of bad workmanship and often makes it easier to book in and coordinate tradesmen. This is becoming increasingly popular in modular and off-site construction due to the space-saving benefits on coupled with the quality assurance of having them built in a factory environment.  Selo’s pre-assembled Enigma system has been used widely across many larger projects, valued for its hassle-free installation time.


We give detailed project assistance at every stage, helping to simplify bespoke and complex building methods in turn reducing risk for all shareholders.

From day one we have focused on the customer’s real problems and real needs and every single one of our products and innovations have come from customers’ requirements and feedback. No one cares like Selo does about the success of every project, that’s why we’re the only doorset manufacturer to offer Halo Assist™ providing you with dedicated project support assisting you from initial concept and specification, through to the final execution.

Innovation by Selo

At Selo we believe we have these aspects and benefits all tied into one – Enigma Pocket Door Systems!

Our focus at all times is design excellence – a designer should never have to compromise functionality or beautiful design. Our Enigma range comes in a wide range of options with the adaptability of add-ons to customise for any project. The new Fenestra door range brings the ‘crittal style’ doors to you whilst being cost-effective at the same time.  This really makes the ultimate design statement and really adds to the perceived value of a project.

All customers receive our Halo Assist project support service which offers detailed assistance at every stage of a project. We offer product design consultations @The Building Centre SeloHub or installation training @SeloAcademy, free of charge.