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Why does my sliding pocket door rumble when I use it?

Sometimes we get complaints that the door ‘rumbles’ when in use and there isn’t that nice smooth sound that you should be getting.

To stop this, you need clean the inside of the track which is a very simple and quick task.

Use a grime wipe or something similar but a damp cloth or paper towel also does the trick.

Clean #1

Firstly, you want to do this straight after you have fitted the track into place so you get rid of the swarf and you can access inside the pocket before it is boarded up.

Clean #2

Secondly just before you physically hang the door give it another clean.

Then carry on with your install and your pocket door will run beautifully.

Finally, make sure you use the nylon channel in the bottom of the door which gives you the silent gliding

And there you are. A smooth, silent glide.

See how it's done!
See how it's done!