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Maximise your floor space | The Pocket Door Movement

Enigma Pocket Doors

Maximising floor space is a top priority for every tenant, enabling greater flexibility and functionality within their living area. 

Future-proofing your design involves more than just reconfiguring spaces; it’s about optimising functionality and flexibility to accommodate changing needs 

The popularity of open-concept designs in developments has soared in recent years, creating a sense of spaciousness, and improving overall flow and functionality.  

In addition to their space-saving benefits, sliding pocket doors also align with modern technological trends. With the potential for smart features like remote operation and monitoring, they add a contemporary touch to any living space 

Moreover, integrating pocket doors also helps meet regulatory requirements, particularly those outlined in Building Regulations Part M. 

In conclusion, internal pocket doors offer a multitude of benefits for modern developments. From maximising floor space to enhancing functionality and incorporating smart technology, they are a valuable addition to any living space.