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The best way to install your sliding pocket door guide pin

A quick guide on the best way to install the door guide pin when your FFL (finished floor level) is higher than the Enigma base channel (which in most situations it is).

To install the pin, it is placed on the floor and simply fixed through the holes in the pin.

To pack this up it can be quite tricky to do it neatly and provide a robust enough base, so to make it easier for you we provide 2mm guide pin packers that are especially designed for the job.

They have been made stackable to give you flexibility so you can tailor them to your exact requirements.

The packers fit into the base channel and they have an indentation for the guide pin with pre-drilled holes so you can simply fix through the holes as normal.

And that’s your solution to install the Enigma door guide pin if your finished floor level is higher than the Enigma base channel.