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Optimise precious space with Pocket Doors

Most are tired of sacrificing style to save space. With living space constantly decreasing, having to put up with less room has become a necessity for many.

There’s another way!


We know how frustrating it is to have to choose every component of your interior by the size, not only meaning you can’t have all you want to complete your design, but also reducing the design options and features.


So, take a minute to think. How could you transform your room if you had a pocket door, and hadn’t got to work around that 1.5m2 the swing door eats up? With space at a premium, and 1m2 costing as much as £19,439 per m² in Kensington and Chelsea, space equals money.

We have the solution! We want to free the creativity of the innovative designer. Determined to make space-saving simpler for you and provide you the specialist service you require; we gave pocket doors a whole new identity.

Allowing you to utilise every square inch of your room. With no compromise on design.

It’s just simply frustrating to be held back by traditional methods and options. From size and certification to style and finish, Enigma works with you, to the result of providing the best solution to suit your exact design and taste.


Providing pocket doors since 2008 has given us the opportunity to work on 1,418 projects so far, supplying over 11,100 Enigma pocket doors, and saving almost 17,000m2 of floor space…

Yet, being Selo, we wanted to make your experience with pocket doors even more straight forward, and with more freedom of design. Having looked for the best way to make space-saving simpler for you, we’ve grown our technical team, and now put a whole new identity to our pocket doors, striving to provide the specialist service you require.


F O R G E T   T H E   L I M I T S

Now it’s time to stop the myth that space is a limitation. And it’s time to quit any non-compliant specification, poor installation for pocket doors. Take a look here how we can guide you through every step, we love to make it plain sailing.

Chose your style. Eliminate design compromise.