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Maximise your floor space

Maximising floor space is what every tenant desires, allowing for a greater
flexibility and functionality in a living area. Enigma offer innovative products for years of trouble-free use. For clients, future-proofing their development is essential for ensuring its ongoing usefulness and success. As families’ needs evolve over time, it’s crucial to create a versatile layout that can adapt accordingly. One innovative solution that addresses these challenges is the integration of pocket door systems within the design and construction of residential buildings.

Maximise your floor space | The Pocket Door Movement
Maximise your floor space | The Pocket Door Movement

Future proofing is to design or change your development so that it will
continue to become useful or successful in the future. Allowing your
development to adapt to changing needs as something that suits your
family now may not suit them in 10 years’ time. When future proofing it
will allow the development to have a versatile layout for tenant

Open-concept designs in developments have become increasingly
popular fostering a sense of spaciousness and enhancing the overall flow
and efficiency of the living space. When incorporating pocket doors into
open-concept designs in developments maximises space efficiency and
allows for a seamless transition between rooms for example an open space design is showcased in The Laurels by Gail.

As the world is becoming more technology conscious, it gives the potential
to incorporate smart technology for remote operation and monitoring for a
contemporary feel.

Building Regulations Part M focuses on accessibility and usability of
buildings in particular emphasises on people with disabilities These
regulations aim to create an environment that is inclusive for all members
of society. It is important to ensure accessibility is in every corner, as well
as being designed with ease of movement and comfort for all. Discover the five unique attributes that make Enigma ‘Better by Design here.

In conclusion, internal pocket doors offer a multitude of benefits for modern developments. From maximising floor space to enhancing functionality and incorporating smart technology, they are a valuable addition to any living space. By future-proofing your design and ensuring compliance with building regulations, you can create a welcoming and inclusive environment that meets the needs of today’s tenants and those of the future.