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How much do sliding pocket doors cost?

This is a very common question we get asked so let’s jump right in! 

Pocket door systems can vary anywhere between £270 and £1,800 depending on the specification. For example, if you want it automated with traditional sliding systems, it can cost up to £15,000. However, Enigma has a solution for that which we will cover in another blog.

Lets start with the 6 basic elements that will affect the cost of your pocket door system:

1. Door Size
Do you want a standard or non-standard door size?  Some systems only offer standard door sizes which means if you have a non standard door size you will be buying a bespoke pocket door kit which will cost more.

2. Quality
The quality of the sliding gear and the pocket system. There are varying types on the market and this is an important consideration as it will affect the longevity and user experience of your finished product.

3. Configuration
Whether it’s a single, double, telescopic, etc

4. Accessories
Do you want soft close, soft close and open, touch latch, simultaneous opening, automated, etc

5. Finishing Trims
Whether the system provides finishing trims and what type they are.  Some systems don’t provide any which reduces the price but then you have to make these up yourself which can be complex and becomes a hidden cost.

6. Fire and Acoustic Requirements

If your pocket door needs to be fire rated or has an acoustic requirement. All these items can affect the cost one way or another. Another thing that is key when it comes to the overall cost of your pocket door system is the head support required to take the weight of the door. Particularly when dealing with multi floor projects, deflection has to be allowed for in the head, so if the structure above the door hasn’t been thought about it can cause extra cost and complications.

I will cover this in another blog but the solution for when deflection heads are required is a self-supporting system which is an option that comes with Enigma making it very simple and cost-effective. So lets take a look specifically at the Enigma system from Selo.

The Enigma sliding pocket door system is designed to be used with any door size you want, it has extremely high-quality robust components such as the sliding gear and the pocket strength and can come in any configuration, with a wide range of accessories and trim designs.

So the costs:

A basic single system: starts at £276 excluding trims, and £417 with visible trims to take architraves
A double system:  £533, and £710 with trims.

These are list prices however generous discounts are applied for large quantities.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of the general costs of sliding pocket doors and the costs of our Enigma sliding pocket door kits. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – We’d be glad to answer them!