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Sliding pocket door



Does the Enigma system fit into standard studwork?

Yes – the Enigma system is 94mm thick excluding plasterboard, so a single skin of plasterboard gives you a 120mm wall (125mm when plastered), and a double skin gives you a 145mm wall (150mm when plastered).

What is the construction of the door leaf?

The doors are a solid particleboard core, with hardwood lippings to all sides.

What finishes can be achieved with Enigma?

As standard, the Enigma system is supplied with primed trims, ready to be painted on site. We also supply factory paint finished, laminate or veneer. However, if you need a bespoke finish, please get in touch; we’ve accommodated many different scenarios including mirrored finish.

Can I use my own door leaf with an Enigma kit?

Yes, providing your door leaf is 44mm thick, it would be compatible with our standard kits. Thicker doors can be accommodated with our bespoke systems. However, if you require a fire rating, a fire-rated door leaf will need to be used; matching the correct specification in accordance with what has been tested and certified with Enigma. If not, the door leaf requires sign-off by Building Control as we cannot certify any door leaf that has not been tested with our system.

What is the weight limit on standard Enigma kits?

The standard running gear can take up to 140kg. Any doors that exceed this can be accommodated with bespoke kits and running gear.

What metal is used?

The Enigma pocket construction is built from extruded aluminium, which gives maximum strength with minimum wall thickness. The concealed frame trims are folded mild steel.


Can you fully plaster before fitting the door leaf?

Yes, with the NFR concealed frame kit and the visible frame kits, you can fully plaster before fitting the door leaf. On other kit types, the door leaf needs to be fitted first as these kits require a plastered-in bulkhead over the head of the door.


Can you smoke seal Enigma pocket doors?

Unfortunately, certified smoke seals are rubber fins which would make the sliding door operation quite stiff, and could also mark the door leaf. However, we have achieved an acoustic rating with our internal technical expertise and innovation, so therefore smoke rating is something we are looking to achieve in the future.


Can you remove the door leaf or make repairs once it's sealed in?

This varies depending on the kit and frame type. This is possible with NFR concealed frame kits, but with the other kit types you’re required to remove one side of the head jamb to enable to door to slide out. However, as our kits have been tested to 100,000 cycles, it is extremely rare for any repairs to be necessary.