For rapid installation
Our Pocket Door systems are now available pre-assembled to reduce installation time
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Cut-to-size - Ready to install

We’re making installation easier by offering kits to suit your structural openings. The doorset arrives on-site as a complete pre-assembled kit.

Pre-assembled Features

Installation has never been so easy!

Pre-cut Components All the structural elements are pre-built, ready for installation
Reduced Waste Minimum on-site waste created during installation process
Rapid Installation Complete Pocket Door installation in just 10 minutes!
Reduce Risk Removes the potential risk of incorrect cuts or installation
Fire rated to FD30All trim designs (Visible / Concealed / Shadow Gap) and on all configurations over a wide range of sizes.
Enigma design options

Integrate Pre-assembled with your design

Creating clean, minimalist lines, Shadow Gap adds a subtle, unique feature to the room.
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Shadow Gap
Enhance your contemporary interior with a minimalist design with seamless aesthetics.
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Visible Frame
An elegant, traditional look, Visible Frame Enigma is for use with architraves.
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