Powered pocket doors
Power-assisted pocket doors with effortless activation and a smooth, silent operation.
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Silence is golden

A contactless electro magnetic propulsion system silently opens and closes the door with no or minimal user handling.

You're in control

Motus can be controlled several ways depending on your application:

Nudge and go The standard method; simply nudge the door open or closed and Motus will assist with the rest.
Touch-less sensor The sensor is fitted to the wall and by simply moving your hand in front of the sensor this activates the door.
Standard Features

– Simultaneous opening

Now available as standard when using double doors, Simultaneous opening activates both leafs in a seamless fashion.


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Fire rated to FD30All trim designs (Visible / Concealed / Shadow Gap) and on all configurations over a wide range of sizes.
Enigma design options

Integrate Motus seamlessly with your design

Visible Frame
An elegant, traditional look, Visible Frame Enigma is for use with architraves.
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Shadow Gap
Enhance your contemporary interior with a minimalist design with seamless aesthetics.
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Creating clean, minimalist lines, Shadow Gap adds a subtle, unique feature to the room.
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