Metal grid-framed sliding pocket doors
Metal frame and glass infill pocket doors are a luxury upgrade, perfect for high-end residential applications.
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Aluminium framed doors

Elegant and effective design statement.

Beautifully engineered to meet the requirements of Architects, Designers and users. Fenestra is Aluminium powder coated or anodised to your specification. Create your perfect metal-frame door leaf:

See photos from one of our case studies where metal, grid-framed doors were used to create a special design feeling.

Fenestra options

Infill options to suit your style

Clear Glass Bring light into the room with 6mm toughened clear glass panels.
Opaque Glass Bringing added privacy with diffused light able to penetrate through the panels.
Reeded Glass A timeless classic for obscured vision panels without loss of light.
Mesh Panel The modern alternative infill panel in a range of colours to compliment your interior.
Design options

Built to your requirements

A. Framed Glass

6mm toughened glass enclosed within an aluminium frame for the ultimate ‘Picture-frame’ feature pocket door.

B. Ladder Design

Horizontal bars integrated within the door frame break up the glazing to create a subtle Art-Deco design style.

C. Glazing & Infill

Completely customisable the door can combine glazing, horizontal and vertical bars as well as infill panels.

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Fenestra is available in a wide range of door leaf sizes:Min. 600mm (w) 600mm (h) / Max. 1650mm (w) 2850mm (h) - All sizes are NON Fire Rated
Enigma design options

Integrate Fenestra seamlessly with your design

Creating clean, minimalist lines, Shadow Gap adds a subtle, unique feature to the room.
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Shadow Gap
Enhance your contemporary interior with a minimalist design with seamless aesthetics.
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Visible Frame
An elegant, traditional look, Visible Frame Enigma is for use with architraves.
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