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Better by Design – System Design

It is a well-known fact that sliding doors are excellent for saving space. If you have a tight room such as an ensuite; sliding doors can be a lifesaver by removing the need to leave space for the door swing and allowing you to fit in everything you need.

What CAN be a problem though, is needing to use a sliding door which can wreck your interior design.  Space equals money so sometimes compromises need to be made by sacrificing design flair for usability and budget.

Not so with the Enigma sliding pocket door system!  Whatever your interior design concept, Enigma has you covered.

Firstly, let’s start with the pocket door system concept. Sliding pocket door systems fit inside a single wall cavity that neatly hides the door leaf rather than having a surface-mounted sliding door, on the side of the wall.

Secondly, let’s look at what the Enigma sliding pocket door brings to the table:

System Design

The Enigma system has been designed based on three principles:


Our No1 vision for this product was that it had to be as simple as possible in every way, with emphasis on the simplicity of installation.

Sliding pocket doors by their very nature, are more complicated to fit than a traditional hinged doorset purely because they have more parts and you are not just installing a doorset, you are installing part of the wall.

The system design was based on the steel stud partition concept, with a head and base channel and vertical studs that simply slide into these and are fixed into place.  The system also matches a standard partition head and base channel so fits into a standard partition very simply.  This makes it extremely intuitive to install.

The Enigma ‘pocket’ is made from aluminium, making it very simple to cut down to size on site using a common chop saw that would already be being used on site.

The simpler the installation process, the better the installation.


Pocket sliding door systems perform the role of the wall as well as the door, so it is important that the ‘pocket’ that forms the wall is made as strong as possible whilst still maintaining the narrowest wall thickness possible in order to not take up too much space.

The Enigma sliding pocket door system is made from an aluminium frame that provides strength, and retains its shape (no warping or twisting) while remaining lightweight.


The subject of my next blog!

The Enigma sliding pocket door system has been designed to suit all styles of interior design, enabling you to retain the design you want while still saving space.

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