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Better by Design – Design Versatility

With ENIGMA sliding pocket door systems you DO NOT have to compromise your design in order to save space.

Almost unlimited sizes!– yes there are maximum and minimum sizes but the range is huge so cover almost anything you are likely to want.

Three design options:

Visible frame
This is your traditional frame to take the architrave of your choice

Concealed frame
If you are going for the ultra contemporary minimalist finish this is the design for you or if you are simply wanting the sliding pocket doors to blend into the background more.

Shadow gap
If you are using shadow gaps in the design then we have you covered!

Pick and choose!

Fire rated
All three design options can come fire rated to 30 minutes so even if your situation needs to be fire compliant this can be achieved while still meeting the design brief.

Acoustic rated
All designs can be provided in an acoustic rated option.

Bespoke options
Finally even if our comprehensive range isn’t enough we can provide a bespoke option just for your specific project to give you exactly what you need.

The Enigma sliding pocket door is a game changer giving your project that extra edge.
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